Friday, January 1, 2010

Britney spears boobs. Coool stuff now.

Britney spears boobs. Great picz:

britney spears boobsbritney spears boobsbritney spears boobs
Is this a good idea for a 14 years old, will try to enlarge their breasts? Is this true or FAKE? Everything everyone says about genetics and nutrition is true, but I have a cup size at age 26 increased, and there are things you can do to change your body's own disposition, from my experience ... My theory (use if you will) Fast twitch and slow-twitch muscles play a major role where your fat is stored (the development of these muscles for 5-10 minutes to go, if you know what they currently are. Then go look at pictures of-of-shape former athletes). I used to ski race in high school and had come to walk on steep hills everyday home, and developed a very solid, very bottom. My breasts were a different, less interesting story. They were nice ish. For example, at the age of 23-24 I started lifting weights, heavy weights, especially on my upper body, even everything out. Felt wrong. Mixed with this short walk away fat (I'm going to burn, so theres no running high impact strength in the mix ... gotta save the knees). I've also forms ballet on its feet so as not to them more crazy fast muscle power. Anyway, lost big pounds, was as hard as I could, and grew biceps and all. Her breasts were not petite. Then I went to grad school and gained ten pounds ... ALL BOOB. Yes, 10 pounds (110 to 120) of B32 turned into a C34. It sounds ridiculous, and I couldnt believe it myself. I wanted to, in any bra in the store, just to be safe. Each was asked whether they fake. In the now 115, 28 years old, and C32. Havent been, turn in front of the training in a while, cuz im scared Im gonna to Britney Spears or Janet Jackson (the former champion turned fast-twitch muscle fat) all around. I figure Ill do next year, another pump-up weightlifting marathon, in case I go back to my almost-pear-shaped physique. To sum up, diet and lose fat like a madman, but make them big tits and butt lift iron. Frankly, they pump in really well, they get to work fast twitch. It should only 20-30 minutes once a weightlifting session, 3 times per week, about 6-9 months for. Make sure you're taking your ideal weight, when all said and done. Then lose the diet. Let curtail the practice. Then you see your breasts and buttocks beautiful with fresh, new bouncy fat.
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